How to Upload Your Products

On BaloTrade you can upload your products to reach more buyers globally, to upload your products you must be a paid user, only suppliers or both user types can upload products on BaloTrade. To get started login into your account and click on your name at the top of the page and select Add New Product from the dropdown, if you are on your mobile click on the user icon and select Add New Product.


You need to complete this 1; Enter your product name 2; Enter the details of your product 3; Click on Next to continue.

Follow these six steps: 1; Select the main category of your product for example if your product is agriculture-related like grain or nuts etc. from the dropdown select agriculture in the main category.  2; Select category. 3; then select the subcategory. 4; If you have a YouTube video link for your product enter this link.  5; Now click the upload image to add your product images if you have more images to add click the plus button to add. 6; Click on Next to continue.

1; Select YES or No if the product is FOB (Forward On Bard). 2; Enter the product origin or location by typing keyword of the city or country and select from the pop-up.  3; Enter your supply ability for example 500 bags/Day. 4; Select the delivery time 5; Click on Next to continue.


1; Enter the quantity available in stock, this is your stuck manager. 2; Select the unit. 3; Enter the minimum quantity a buyer can order. 4; Enter your product tags this helps you to connect your other products, for example, if you have another product already added on the site with a name fashion clothing you can add this as tags. 5; Enter your product length for shipping calculation. 6; product width 7; Enter height 8; Select the unit. 9; Enter the weight; 10; Select the unit. 11; Click on Next to continue.


1; Click on YES or No if your product negotiable or not 2; Enter the product price 3; Select the payment methods 4; Click on Next to continue.


1; Select YES or NO for product boosting, note this is to promote your product to reach more buyers daily. 2: Click on Submit for your product to be submitted for review, product review is approved within 2 minutes.


Your product is pending approval.