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How to submit a buying request

Anyone can submit a buying request or request for quotation (RFQ) on BaloTrade this helps buyers to post a custom order and also get quotes from multiple suppliers on BaloTrade. To submit an RFQ click here (

How to Place Order/Buy

To place an order or buy on BaloTrade you must be a registered user if you are not yet registered you can register here ( Step 1 Login ( into your account or register ( a new one. to log in type your registered email and password as shown in the below screenshot. Step 2 Select the product you want to order or you can search for more products here (

How to Login Into Your Account

To login or sign ( in to your account on BaloTrade, you must be a registered user with an email address and password, if you registered with social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail, or Twitter you just need to click on one of these social media button located after the sign-in button.

How to Sign Up (Register)

You can sign up/register on BaloTrade as a supplier, buyer or both if you select supplier this will allow you to sell your products on BaloTrade, If you select buyer this will allow you to buy on BaloTrade, if you select both you can buy or sell on BaloTrade. To sign up please click here ( and follow the step below to fill the sign-up form. Sign up Form Select if you are a Supplier, Buyer or Both. Enter your first name and last name. ...

How to Edit Supplier (Company) Profile

To sell your products on BaloTrade you need to complete at least your user profile ( and supplier ( (company) basic profile.